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Your vehicle's exhaust ensures all toxic fumes stay out of the vehicle's cabin and helps the engine work efficiently. It also makes sure that your drive is fuel-efficient drive and reduces air pollution. Occasionally, the exhaust might start showing some problems, which require assessment by a qualified technician.

When do you need to get it checked?

MM Tyres and Autocare recommend you check your exhaust if:

  • You hear continuous vibration in the vehicle
  • The catalytic converter fails, causing loud sounds.
  • There's a deep rumbling noise from the exhaust.
  • You notice decreased fuel efficiency

What do we do for you?

As an efficient vehicle repair service and maintenance company, here's why you should choose MM Tyres and Autocare:

  • Quick and easy repair
  • Trained and skilled staff
  • We create a gas tight seal
  • We guarantee permanent repair
  • Timely service
  • No hidden charges
  • Affordable pricing