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Diagnostics and Fault Finding

Here at MM Tyres and Autocare we have the latest in the diagnostics equipment from Bosch, This enables us to run a full health check on your vehicle to discover any faults fast.

Normally you are made aware of a fault when your car or van is displaying the engine management light, also known as the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Light) This basically means one thing. The on board computer monitoring your engine or transmission has identified a problem and requires investigation and repair.

You may not even notice a problem with the way the vehicle is driving. It may have a misfire, run lumpy or is severely lacking in power. Either way, it is extremely important to have the system checked as soon as possible to rectify any problems which may or may not be apparent.

Modern motor vehicles are complex and mostly run on CAN-BUS systems, and a whole host of modules that run various tasks on your vehicle. There are more sensors for airbags, abs, heating, ventilation & aircon, lighting, wiring, suspension, fuel systems, diesel pumps, injectors etc. only by us connecting the KTS to your car will be able to pin point the fault, then using the scope we can then check any sensors flagged as being faulty to check.