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The comfortable ride of the vehicle is determined by how well-balanced, stable, and smooth it is when driven. The steering and suspension of your vehicle are key components that ensure this. They make sure that the wheels of the vehicle are in firm contact with the road.

Is your vehicle's suspension worn out? Check this list.

  • You experience excessive bouncing of the vehicle
  • Your vehicle leans on turns
  • The nose of your vehicle dives when the brake is applied
  • Fluid leaking from of the shock absorber.
  • Wandering wheels

Why Us?

MM Tyres and Autocare are a company working strenuously to give you the best services when it comes to the car and its parts. There are many car companies, but MM Tyres stand tall with our ability to provide quality service and value-for-money.

Some key features of our suspension service include:

  • Reliable and efficient staff
  • Use of state of the art technology
  • Pre-agreed pricing for suspension repair and maintenance
  • Full-spectrum suspension services, repairs and upgrades
  • Expertise in tyre-lowering kits.