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Brake Services

When it comes to the car, brakes are an integral part which ensure a controlled drive. As a vehicle owner, you must know about the brake system of your car: When you press the brake pedal, the brake pads create friction, and the brake rotor disseminate heat throughout the vehicle to prevent overheating of the system. The proper function of both is important for the normal functioning of the brake system.

MM Tyres and Autocare have put together some common issues that might erupt in the brake system; if you encounter these problems, you should get your brakes checked by a professional:

  • If the brake pedal appears spongy or presses farther to the floor than it should.
  • The vehicle is pulling to the left or right when the brake is applied.
  • There is an unusual noise or vibrations when the brake is applied.

When do you need a brake inspection?

  • If you have driven over 12,00 miles and haven't got the brakes inspected
  • If your vehicle is approaching the defined number of miles recommended by the manufacturers for the brake fluid to be exchanged.
  • If the brake warning lights of the dash board are continuously on
  • You hear squealing when the brake is applied
  • It takes longer time for vehicle to stop when brake is applied
  • If brake pedal requires excess pressure

We have highly qualified and skilled professionals who know the ins and outs of the brake system: Callipers, disc brakes, rotors etc.

  • We are equipped and trained to handle all models and variants of braking systems
  • Quality service without procrastination or delays
  • Agreed pricing before we commence our work
  • Direct contact with the technician handling the brake maintenance or repair of your car
  • Prime location in Northampton, providing easy accessibility from any corner of the city