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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Service and Recharge

The absence of air conditioning can make your journey uncomfortable. Just like other parts of your vehicle, air conditioning systems demand regular servicing and maintenance. MM Tyres and Autocare can assess the air conditioning, providing assistance and repair where needed.

Usually, air conditioning problems are caused by refrigerant leaks. When air conditioning fails, this should not be ignored: the car's evaporator and compressor could become damaged. Identifying the problem at an early stage can save time and money - we've prepared a list of warning signs to look out for:

  • Loss of cooling performance
  • Insufficient airflow
  • Unpleasant odour in the passenger compartment
  • Excess moisture

Why us?

MM Tyres and Autocare offer a customer-centric approach with quality service. Here are some other reasons you might consider us:

  • Our technicians check all accessible components for cracks, leaks and other damage
  • We check the operation of the air conditioning compressor
  • System fan level check
  • Temperature check
  • Blower fan check
  • Test of the Freon level
  • Inspection of belts and hoses

MM Tyres and Autocare employ highly proficient technicians with expert knowledge of air conditioning maintenance and repair. Our first priority is to analyse and report on problems, then suggesting a pocket-friendly solution.